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Our company has developed a new product, pp long glass fiber composite construction formwork, using polypropylene as the base material, glass fiber reinforced composite material, and mould pressing into shapes. The formwork system consists of 65 thickness standard formwork and 65 aluminum shaped formwork. It can be used in various connection combinations to withstand various construction loads.

Low cost and simple operation are the biggest advantages of pp long glass fiber composite materials. The cost is only 50% of the aluminum formwork, the weight is only 19kg/, the regular size is 1200x600mm, the weight is only 14kg, the construction is convenient, the disassembly and assembly is quick, the manpower and man-hour are saved, the construction is facilitated, and the construction speed is effectively improved. At the same time, pp long glass fiber composite formwork is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion, easy to clean, long service life, and reuse times more than 60 times.

As a simple production process, there is no waste discharge of three wastes. After reaching the service life, it can be recycled and used as an environmentally friendly panel product. The pp long glass fiber composite material construction formwork, which has advantages of good strength, easy separate, good plasticity, fast construction speed, energy saving and environmental protection, will necessarily be more applied in the modern building market that emphasizes green construction.

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Column size: 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm,600mm

Waling adjustable range: 200-600mm

Main Features

  1. Light weight, handy. The biggest panel is 120x60cm, weight only 14kg, which can be lift and set up by only one person easily

  2. Easy set up. Different size of panels can be firmly locked by pin. The panels have rib on the back, which makes the system need not traditional wood blocks and nails.The panels have square steel pipe reinforcement, guarantee the strength of the whole system.

  3. High strength. The material of modular formwork is PP (polypropylene) mixied with special glass fibres, and reinforced with steel pipe casting in the plastic which enable panels to hold high pressures. The handles are made by steel pin, each panel locked by at least 4 pins, which makes the whole system strong enough.

  4. Can work without wall through tie rod. Because it's reinforced with square steel pipe, which greatly increase its strength. When backed with waling, it can work withoutwall through tie rod.

  5. Easy to separate with the finished concrete. Due to the special surface treatment, concrete does not stick to the formwork, thus the panels need no oil before using, and can be cleaned simply by water. The surface of the wall which built by our formwork is smooth,can be left without rework.

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