Fashion Aluminum Open Cell Ceiling Decorative grid ceiling

Open ceiling can be installed in the ceiling, widely used in large shopping malls, restaurants, bars, waiting rooms, airports, subway and other stations, generous and beautiful, as long as new.It is one of the commonly used condole top materials that decorate a company.Loved by customers.Standard size:10mm and 15mm;Height:40mm,60mm and 80mm

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Open ceiling (Grid ceiling) Grid ceiling series:the main and auxiliary bones are vertically and horizontally distributed,and the ceiling composed of continuous combination of grid and grid can relieve the stress caused by the closed ceiling.The resulting sense of repression makes the visual effect continuous the smooth ,and the structure rigorous.It can be decorated according to color,specification,construction method and lighting variedty of ceiling.Grid ceiling,good ventilation performance,transparent structure,crisscross ceiling main and auxiliary bone combination grid,straight lines,clear longitude and latitude,with a sense of concealing visual direction,can effectively relieve the depression brought by space,suitable for use and installation in large areas Open cell ceiling Application 1. Hospital 2. Commercial Building 3. House 4.Supermarkets 5.Banks 6.Hospitals 7.Exhibition hall Grip ceiling 2 Grip ceiling specification Installation diagram Open ceiling  Accessories accessories Features 1. Beautiful appearance, and various colors for choice; 2. Multiple accessibility options; 3. Various standard and wide choice perforations; 4. Easy & fast to install; 5. Large panel with big length and width; 6. Flexible and able to create a seamless transition from ceiling to wall; 7. Fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather resistance; Project Open ceiling project 2Open ceiling project 1

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