Recycled build material pp hollow plastic construction formwork

hollow PP formwork uses imported polypropylene resin as basic material, adding chemical additives toughening, flame resistent, weather resistent and anti-aging, smelt and form new construction material through chemical molecular structure reorganization

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Plastic formwork is in the digestion and absorption of European advanced equipment manufacturing technology and semi-high processing experience on the basis of adhere to advanced products and technology,through high temperature 200extrusion of composite material.Plastic formwork is a kind of energy-saving and green environment protection products,is a new generation of wood formwork,composite steel formwork,bamboo-wood bonded formwork,all steel large formwork According to the material can be divided into: polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), polycarbonate (PC), propylene eyeball butadiene-styrene (ABS), high density polyethylene (HDPE) according to the appearance can be divided into: solid board, hollow board, buckle plate, module assembly board, plastic square wood, internal angle and external angle. PP hollow plastic formwork can be used as wall, slab and column formwork in Residential/commercial building, bridge, tunnel, canal construction projects Product specification PP formwork size Hollow PP formwork advantage 1.Reuse more than 60 times,long service life 2.Waterproof 3.No need oil,easily install and remove,only tapping,formwork can be ffallen off. 4.No expansion,no shrinkage,high strength. 5.Bearable temperature:-30-90℃ 6.Anti-slip 7.Shorten construction period 8.Glass glue can repair scratch one the surface 9.Plastic plug can repair the 12-24mm diameter hole 10.Rinse with water will be clean 11.Rent and reuse in another construction site 12.Recycle at about half price in any plastic factory


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