New environment-friendly materials prefabricated plastic formwork

prefabricated PP material plastic formwork is a new material product of green environmental protection, energy saving and carbon recycling Material:PP,PVC Application:house,big building Use:beam ,column,slab,wall Use time:more than 80

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Prefabricated plastic formwork is one new material building formwork .According to T/CMRA-12-2021 production standard.It is one of the 10 technologies jointly recommended by 《China's Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development》,It is also a important part 《the Prefabricated Building Evaluation Standard》,At the same time, it is also a new material product of green environmental protection, energy saving and carbon recycling.Prefabricated plastic formwork with rids is the innovative production tool that liberates productivity,it can completely replace the original building traditional template.In view of the waste of resources on the traditional template and subsequent waste pollution to the environment, our company to    create customer-oriented environmental protection renewable assembly building template, the overall cost of construction enterprises can be greatly reduced, the quality can achieve better than the international effect.The product splicing time is short, the reuse efficiency is high, the labor intensity is low, the energy consumption is low and the environmental protection, thus reduces the building use cost, its emergence has realized the resource zero waste and the construction modernization, the standardization

 plastic formwork762284575bef7fac5aa5b85591c8a3d Product detalles 1.Picture

Wall panel

Panel inside corner template Inter corne Inside corner template 1646719035(1) 1.Standard panel size
Standard size
Panel size(mm) Outer corner size(mm) Innter corner size(mm)
50×55 55×55 50×150
100×55 255×55 100×100
130×55 290×55  
150×55 310×55  
Length can be customized length and buckle square connection, can be nailed or sawed, special-shaped parts can be combined with traditional formwork
 2.Assembly drawing assembly drawing 1.Beam side formwork  2.Beam bottom formwork 3.Outside corner template 4.wall and column formwork 5.Topside formwork 6.C -shaped channel  7.K Board 8.Wall terminal template 9.Angle of the template 10.U-shaped to check  11.locating the hook 12.reinforcement 13.washer and nut for tie rod  14.Early dismantling belt 15.beam 16.U- head 17.Beam bottom support 18.Adjuste screw rod 19.steel props 20.early dismantling head   Product Characteristics 1. Good material properties: it is made of polymer composite material through high temperature extrusion processing to achieve the perfect combination of steel strength   2. Good mechanical properties: the arch design principle of Zhaozhou Bridge is adopted to cleverly achieve the best mechanical properties of the product structure. Reasonable modulus changes and the layout of ribs on the back and the advantage of extrusion can only reach the top of one plate   3. Good weather resistance: the product has good weather resistance -15℃-75 ℃ environment can be used normally   4. Low storage maintenance cost: strong product performance, no deformation, at the same time not afraid of wind, sun and rain, corrosion and other advantages for storage maintenance.   5. Recycling rate: can be recycled for more than 80 times, accessories can be used for more than 100 times   6. Strong versatility: The product has multi-module design, so that it can be used in different projects, and give full play to its value advantage when combined with wood mold   7. Not affected by the environment: not afraid of fire, not afraid of water, not afraid of tide, not afraid of sun, not afraid of electricity, corrosion and other advantages   8. No auxiliary installation equipment: no more than 18kg per flat, easy for workers to use, low labor intensity, no need for auxiliary equipment such as crane    Demoulding reinforcement reinforcement Inner corner                                                                                        outer corner and inner corner wall reinforcement Wall reinforcement                        outer corner reinforcement             outer corner reinforcement Demoulding Demoulding effect                                     Demoulding effect                           Demounlding effect   Application application 1   whole lifting                                 Stairs assembled                                  New countryside construction application 2 Pipe rack                                                   Drainage ditch                    Basement application 3 Wind-break wall                                                                          Housing building Project site project site Our case Case list case our case  

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